Recommended Reading

Can you suggest some useful books?


Recommended Reading


Understanding ADHD

  • By Dr Christopher Green & Dr Kit Chee

Teenagers with ADD, A parents Guide

  • By Chris A Zeigler Dendy

Hyperactivity and ADD caring and coping

  • By Heather Picton

1-2-3 Magic

  • By Dr Thomas Phelan

All about Attention Deficit Disorder

  • By Dr Thomas Phelan

“I never get anything”. How to keep your kids from running your life

  • By Dr Thomas Phelan

Asperger Syndrome

  • By Tony Attwood

Freaks, Geeks & Asperger Syndrome

  • By Luke Jackson

Managing ADHD in the inclusive classroom (for teachers)

  • By John Alban-Metcalfe & Juliette Alban-Metcalfe

The Girl’s Guide to AD/HD

  • By Beth Walker

Teach and Manage Children with ADHD

  • By Fintan O’Regan

Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, What can teachers do?

  • By Dr Geoff Kewley

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Recognition, Reality and Resolution

  • By Dr Geoff Kewley

A Bird’s-Eye View of life with ADD and ADHD

  • Advice from Young


  • By Chris A Zeigler Dendy & Alex Zeigler

You Mean I’m Not Lazy or Stupid?! (A self-help book for adults with ADD)

  • By Kate Kelly & Peggy Ramundo

Women with Attention Deficit Disorder

  • By Sari Solden

How to Handle the Hard-to-Handle Kid

  • By Dr C. Drew Edwards

Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry

  • By Lisa Blakemore-Brown

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