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Are there any other sites that can help?

  • National Autistic Society.  Useful info for schools and for identifying traits

  • ADD information Services (ADDISS) for conference details etc

  • AADD UK  –  Adult  ADHD support group with on-line chat room

  • Side by Side Coaching. Online and face to face coaching and training for people and professionals with PDA, ADHD, Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

  • Hertfordshire County Council web site

  • Hertfordshire Parent Carer Involvement

  • The KIDS HUB services are based in Watford and Hertford and provide information and support to parents and carers of disabled children across Hertfordshire

  • National network of parents working towards properly resourced inclusive education for children with special needs.

  • Independent Panel for Special Education Advice

  • Funding ops for families of children. To be eligible you have to have a salary of below £23,000 (tax credits, DLA etc are not taken into account). It does take up to 6 months to come through but well worth the wait. You can ask for help towards holidays, days out etc, trampoline, toys that would benefit the child, washing machines ,dishwashers, fridge freezers, new bed, bedding , clothes, driving lessons(you get 40 lessons,2 theories and 2 tests).New carpets (wetting, smearing issues),New fencing to make the garden safe. The list goes on as long as it will benefit the child.

  • EyeQ  Omega 6 & 3 fish oils web site

  • Information web site

  • Practical and emotional advice, help, guidance and support on all aspects of being a parent

  • Support for parents

  • Web site for dads

  • Education and Employment specialist solicitors

  • National Institute of Clinical Excellence( N.I.C.E.)  This is the government organisation that decides what treatments and medications will be available to you

  • Information about Autism/ADHD medication etc

  • Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre for specialist assessments

  • Free counselling service for 14-25 year olds who olive work or receive education in St Albans District

  • Government publications from the Department for Education.  Order from the web site or download.  Many publications are free

  • Directory of counselling services and counsellors



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