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Reports, Leaflets and other ADD-vance resources

Browse our selection of reports, leaflets and resources, available for you to download and print as needed for use with any approved ADD-vance activity. Please be aware that this content belongs to ADD-vance and is only to be used for the intended purpose, please do not copy these resources for your own purposes. 

The ADD-vance Annual Report 2016-17

Find out more about what we do and how we spend our precious funds to help local families. Within the report you will find a summary of our activity in the year 2016-17, a message from our trustees about our achievements and plans and a summary of our financial accounts.

ADD-vance annual report image
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The Official ADD-vance Leaflet

This leaflet is an excellent introduction to the charity. It includes information on how we support parents and professionals and is a must for providing to any new parents, professionals or members of the public who may want to find out more or get involved.

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The ADHD Services at ADD-vance Leaflet

Find out more about our specialist ADHD services. This leaflet is your handy guide to our specialist service for schools, helping to shape educational plans that really work for children with (or awaiting diagnosis of) ADHD. It also includes information about the QbCheck service which is exclusive to ADD-vance in Hertfordshire. QbCheck is a pre-assessment tool which aims to help identify and measure the three core areas of difficulty associated with ADHD: inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. 

Full size Buddy
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The Official ADD-vance Donation Box

Print out, fold and stick this box together to build your very own official ADD-vance donation box. Can be used at fundraising events or more permanently as a penny box for small businesses etc.

ADD-vance donation box
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The ADD-vance Annual Report 2015-16

This report gives a thorough overview to our charity’s activities, achievements and goals for the financial year 2015-16. You can also view a message from our trustees, highlights from our fundraising endeavours, case-studies from both parent/ carer training and coaching and professional training and outreach. Included is a summary of our annual accounts and plans for the next financial year.

ADD-vance, Annual Report 2015-16
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