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Neurodiversity Training for Employers

A neurodiverse workforce brings benefits such as increased innovation, specialist skills, specialist knowledge, creativity, loyalty, energy and more. With improved understanding of neurodiversity and practical strategies you can implement you will be better equipped to promote inclusion. This will help you attract and retain the best people for your organisation.  

Our training is informative, interactive and focused on real life solutions for better workplace inclusion. We promote an excellent understanding of neurodiversity from the perspective of neurodivergent adults and parents.

What our clients say:

‘An extremely informative, insightful and impactful webinar.’ Lucy, RO Group

‘I liked the link made between the subject and our reality.’ NexisLexis Employee

‘Have confidence to speak more open in wider team meetings about neurodiversity’ Children’s Services Employee

What training is available?

Below is a list of workplace training we offer. To find the right solution for you please complete an enquiry form here or alternatively email: to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements further.

Neurodiversity in a Nutshell

Neurodivergent Employee Lifecycle 

ADHD in the Workplace

Understanding Autism in Adults

Autism in the Workplace

Understanding ADHD in Adults

Managing Diverse Teams

Understanding Sensory Differences

Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Understanding Executive Functioning

Other services for adults:

Adult coaching

1-1 employee consultation and support

To find the right solution for your needs or discuss any questions you have, please email