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ADD-vance Specialist ADHD Service

** Our ADHD Service is currently under review however we continue to offer the QbCheck in schools. To find out more about the QbCheck, please click here. **

The ADD-vance Specialist ADHD Service works to support Primary, Secondary and Independent Schools in Hertfordshire. We do this by providing various levels of support to school settings, e.g. school consultation/ observation visits, bespoke advice, training and QbCheck facilitated by the ADD-vance specialist ADHD team.

Support to schools:

  • Available to all schools in Hertfordshire
  • For those diagnosed with ADHD or awaiting diagnosis
  • To support learning, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • To address concerns from staff, parents and pupils
  • To work alongside other professional agencies in schools
  • Facilitated by the ADD-vance team of specialist teachers and SENCos


In addition to our targeted ADHD Service, ADD-vance was the first certified provider of the QbCheck in Hertfordshire. Developed in Sweden, the QbCheck is the only qualitative test for ADHD currently available in the UK. Built on the well documented and tested technology of QbTest, with over 250,000 patients tested so far, it is available for children, young people and adults aged 6-60.

To find out more about the QbCheck service please click here.

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