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Our Trainers


Anne Ross Project Director MBPsS, Behavioural Psychologist, Training Consultant and Specialist Autism/ADHD Behavioural Coach, Parent Course Facilitator/Trainer (level 2), WhyTry™ Training consultant and facilitator

Anne has 30 years of training experience in many different fields but has specialized in the last 7 years in Autism & ADHD, training to professionals and parents and enabling people in many environments to help support and guide those who live with these challenging conditions.


Pamela Reitemeier Training Manager, BA (Hons), PgC (Autism), Applied Behaviour Analysis® Specialist

Pamela has been active, in support of people with autism and their families, for over a decade. Since 2006, she has been working as a Training Consultant, raising awareness about autism and Asperger Syndrome, for both professional and parent groups. She has successfully managed an intensitve, early autism behavioural programme (Applied Behaviour Analysis) for over five years and  has studied autism at the University of Birmingham. She works in a voluntary capacity both nationally (with the National Autistic Society) and locally (with the harc, the NAS Branch and AAA, a consortium of parent support groups).Prior to this, she worked for the United Nations Children’s Fund in communication and training in Chad (West Africa), in Bangladesh and in London.


Melanie Peeke MA, Human Sciences

I thought that a degree in Human Sciences followed by a corporate career in training and development might have been good preparation for motherhood. However, I find being a parent much harder than I ever imagined. With fantastic support from local schools and charities (including ADD-vance) I have finally reached the point where I know how to bring out the best in my autistic daughter and really enjoy family life. This has involved learning about different parenting styles and trying new ways of doing things to motivate everyone in my household!

I am absolutely passionate about the positive impact of parenting courses – they help to build a sense of community, provide a supportive place to share ideas and allow time for reflection. In 2010 I re-trained as a parenting practitioner and since then I have been facilitating parenting programmes and workshops across Hertfordshire for ADD-vance and two other local organisations. I have also been involved in setting up a social group for girls with High-Functioning Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome called Spectrum Girls and am particularly keen to raise awareness of autism in women.


Robin Widing Training Consultant, Autism/ADHD Coach, Specialist Behavioural Coach , Parent Course Facilitator/Trainer (level 2),  WhyTry™ Training consultant and facilitator

Robin has facilitated many parent courses in Hertfordshire and has trained to facilitate the WhyTry™ Training programme.  She is one of most experienced specialist coaches and has 5 years of experience with ADD-vance supporting families in Hertfordshire.



Russell Hedger Training Consultant, Autism/ADHD Coach, Specialist Behavioural Coach, WhyTry™ Training consultant and facilitator.

Russell has been with ADD-vance for 5+ years as a Specialist Behavioural Coach to offer practical and realistic solutions, for the short and long term. He is trained as a WhyTry™ Training consultant and facilitator. Russell has also completed many courses that enable him to offer even more solutions that the whole family benefits from.



Emma Dalrymple Training Consultant and facilitator, NLP Practitioner.

Before autism entered my life in the shape of my youngest daughter, I specialised in group facilitation, particularly in the areas of social exclusion and unemployment. I have been involved in the design and delivery of a range of innovative courses since 2003, supporting individuals and groups to realise their goals and to implement and embed lasting change. I also have a wealth of experience training trainers and have been a mentor for young people in Hertfordshire facing challenges since 2010.

As I have spent over 10 years practicing and promoting the benefits of group work and peer support, when my daughter was diagnosed I was keen to attend courses that would help me with my own family and enable me to build a strong local network of support. In doing so, I realised I could utilise my existing knowledge and experience to become a training consultant and facilitator for ADD-vance.


Kirsty Lemare-North Autism/ADHD Coach, Specialist Behavioural Coach.

I am a mum to two lively, crazy and hilarious little boys, as well as a writer. My eldest son was diagnosed with ADHD and a sleep disorder at six, and my husband also has ADHD, which whilst incredibly tough at times has allowed (forced) me to really get to grips with supporting the boys through the unique set of challenges they face. My aim is to support families and young people with ADHD and Autism and help them to build their self-esteem and confidence. I deeply believe that a confident child is a child with a great future regardless of the challenges they face, but as both parents and children getting there is so difficult when the messages we receive can be deeply negative. My aim is to do as much as I can to combat that negativity and help parents and children feel supported and accepted whenever I can.

(All our coaches and trainers are CRB checked at enhanced level through Hertfordshire County Council)




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