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Our Facebook Groups

ADD-vance's charity page

Along with our two groups we also have a Facebook 'page' which we use to communicate on behalf of ADD-vance. This is where we add news from the charity and it is aimed at the entire local community, including our parents, professionals and local service providers and charities. This is where we would add news of new services and events, new training opportunities, fundraising activities and sometimes even highly relevant news and information. We do our best to share all events and training onto the Facebook groups as well, but to ensure you find out about all new events you should follow this page as well. The content on here is not confidential, the group is not closed and it can be seen by other people on Facebook.

ADD-vance Facebook Group

The ADD-vance Facebook Group has grown quickly into a major source of support for most of our parents. We now have over 5000 members, with over 10,000 posts, comments and responses happening in each month. The Group is a 'closed group' which means that nobody outside the group can see that you are a member or what you are saying or doing within the group. Membership is open to all adults, parents, carers and professionals affected by ADHD, Autism or a related condition. The page is actively moderated, all new members must confirm some key facts and all posts are moderated to ensure that the group's confidentiality and standards are maintained.

Spectrum Girls@ADD-vance Facebook Group

Spectrum Girls is a group aimed at supporting females and families of girls affected with Autism or ADHD. Many girls present differently to boys affected by the same conditions and this group allows women, girls and parents to talk about the issues that seem specific to them. Along with the Facebook group, there are coffee mornings, occasional low-key outings and we're hoping to do more. Like the main ADD-vance groups, Spectrum Girls is a closed group and membership is managed carefully to protect the confidentiality and standards of the group.

ADD-vance X (Twitter)

We'll use this page to share our news, including upcoming training and events. We'll also share interesting articles, info and news from time to time.