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Training for Professionals

Why consider workplace training with ADD-vance?

Autism and ADHD are complex conditions often misunderstood and not immediately apparent.  With improved understanding and practical strategies, your staff will be better equipped to promote inclusion, offer life-changing leisure opportunities to children and young people and to inspire parents/carers with confidence. We offer a needs assessment prior to training in order to design realistic, practical examples to promote successful inclusion within a variety of settings.

Our training is interactive and fun and we aim to promote the understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorders and ADHD whilst enabling professionals to manage and cope in their own unique situations.

What training is available?

Below is a list of workplace training and workshops already available for professionals. We are always open to developing new workshops based on your specific needs and would be happy to talk about this. Please call us on 01727 833963 or email:

Workshops for School Professionals

  • Understanding Autism Tips and Tools for the Classroom
  • Understanding ADHD Tips and Tools for the Classroom
  • Understanding Sensory Needs in the Classroom 
  • Managing Anger and Anxiety – Supporting Students with ADHD and Autism in School
  • Managing Transitions
  • Peer Awareness

  • Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations

Workshops for Social Care Professionals

  • Understanding ADHD in Adults
  • Understanding Autism in Adults

To find the right solution for your training needs or discuss any questions you have please call us on 01727 833963 or email